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It’s never too late to professionalise AIR, DD

21 October 2011

Image: courtesy Hindustan Times

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Salman Sultan: on TV anniversary, no monkeying around

Tejeshwar Singh: A baritone falls silent watching the cacophony

On India’s TV anniversary, no monkeying around

15 September 2009

The 50th anniversary of the inception of terrestrial television in India provided the occasion for one of Doordarshan’s most famous faces, Salma Sultan, to enter the studios of the satellite whipper-snappers.

Talking to Barkha Dutt on NDTV 24×7, Ms Sultan recounted the harrowing experience of having to read from the teleprompter and the challenge of having to correct the script even while reading from it.

“Once the prompter was supposed to read: Purane zamane mein auraton ko band kar rakhthe the (in the olden days, the women used to be held in purdah).

“But some letters were transposed and there was a spelling mistake. The prompter read: Purane zamane mein auraton ko bandar khathe the (in the olden days, monkeys used to eat up women).

“We had to correct and edit ourselves on our fly. But there was great energy and bonding, and I cherish those memories even today.”

Photograph: courtesy The Hindu

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Tejeshwar Singh: A baritone falls silent watching the cacophony

A baritone falls silent watching the cacophony

15 December 2007

Sans Serif” records with regret the demise of Tejeshwar Singh, an iconic voice of the State-owned “Doordarshan” channel in its pre-satellite heyday.

Indo-Asian News Service reports that Singh suffered a heart attack while watching television in his Mussoorie home on Friday night. He was in his early 60s.

Singh, a theatre actor, eventually went on to set up an independent publishng house, Sage Publications, which turned 25 in 2006.

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India’s first woman newsreader passes away


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