CAT is still not out of the bag for us

There are plenty of red faces around here today.

Or at least there ought to be, if there aren’t any.

First the good news. Even on a slow news day, we have managed to put out an okay front page. There is a neat explainer on the Chinese president’s visit. There is a good exclusive on the PSU outfits losing people. And there is a nice “urban” story on children from elite school being more vulnerable to diabetes.

But the bad news is on pages 3 and 4, where we have missed the key city news of the day, the CAT exams.

It would have been okay if like the Belgaum affidavit which we missed a couple of months ago, the story wan’t around. But in the CAT case, there was not one or two but three stories in the system. And yet, wonder of wonders, the metro desk couldn’t put it in.

On the other hand, to see stories from Arsikere and Bagalkot on page 4 takes the breath away, but apparently there is an explanation for that. L K Advani’s story on the joint Indo-Pak anti-terror mechanism, which is on page 6 had been repeated on page 4. It had to be replaced in the middle of printing schedules. So, Shruthi who came back to the office from home went in with Arsikere and Bagalkot.

That still does not explain the misssing CAT. Are we desperately short of people or short of imagination?

Nobody will sue us for the miss, of course, but at a time when we are concentrating so heavily on the city—we have introduced three new columns in the past week, if you haven’t noticed, by Sudhakar, Nirad and Usha—it is a bad miss, because CAT is such a nice, urban story.



  1. M K Vidyaranya

    An impact of CATnapping ?.

  2. Bakshi

    That’s rich, Vidya

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