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To break the rule, you must first know the rule

21 November 2006

Here’s a fine journalism tool for subs, reporters and editors interested in honing their language skills even sharper.

Faiza, Burude Mama and Basava

21 November 2006

Those of the old school in jouralism would like to think that the reader gets hot and het up about Hu Jintao’s visit. But we would be surprised at what really moves and motivates a reader.

The first SMS that came this morning was curt and to the point: “Platform ticket… it is old story. In 8th platform machine is implemented last year. Only the officers quote is new”

The referencewas to a Faiza Haneef story on an automated parking lot in the city railway station with a platform ticket-vending machine.

The message was quickly forwarded to chief reporter Nirad Mudur, who had had a long conversation with deputy editor Basavanand Swamy before the piece was pushed in as page one anchor.

Nirad was quick with a response: “The automated parking lot was the story. Not the platform ticket vending. Basava wouldn’t listen.”

For his part Basava went for the jugular: “Burude mama avanu. Ondu story estusala madbekante?”

Meanwhile Faiza sends a clarifying SMS saying there is no way the reader can be right because the facility is only going to be inaugurated in a few days’ time.

Just when things seem to be going nowhere, the reader texts again: “Sorry, just I enquire about this, the unique machine is newly installed. But coin pf ticket centres are old. But story starting is like that. OK, this is a metro story.”


No wonder we are the best

21 November 2006


Kannada: 82 out of 125

English: 71 out of 100

Hindi: 66 out of 100

Mathematics: 51 out of 100

Science: 44 out of 100

Social Studies: 67 out of 100

Total: 381 out of 625.

First class: whoever can accuse us of being uneducated?

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