Daily Archives: 24 November 2006

Who said this about newspapers?

“A good newspaper, I suppose, is a nation talking to itself.”


From Deep Point to Third Slip

We are at that stage when we are looking for a new name for the operation. At yesterday’s morning meeting we spent a full two hours discussing some possiblities and we ended up with a list of 50-plus.

There were the usual (Newsline, Newstimes, News Horizon, News Echo), the cliched (Silicon Times, Chip City), the classy (The Metropolitan, The Cosmpolis, Bangalore Browser, Enter), and the convoluted (Coffee Country, Robusta, Harbinger).

But there were a couple of names which were truly interesting even if impractical.

Imagine calling a paper Bangalore Post & Observer like in the US because the first letters add up to BPO, or imagine a paper named in the manner in which the city likes to drink its coffee (News By Two)—only half the news will be provided every day; the reader fills/imagines the rest!

Things were going swimmingly well till B D Narayankar sent an SMS that he would like to write a sports column called Deep Point. That sent us off on a tangent.

We began thinking of cricket names for the paer. Somebody suggested “Third Slip“. It sounded like something till we realised how awkward a reporter would sound if he called up Deve Gowda‘s house and and introduced himself in Kannada.

For strategic reasons, the most likely new name/s is not on this list. Wanna guess?