Daily Archives: 27 November 2006

Why you should go for a hair cut during office hours

In news just coming in, Daniel Craig has said he refused to dye his blonde hair for the James Bond film Casino Royale.

“I was asked to dye my hair brown to play the role but it was out question. I suggested instead that I could cut my hair really short to create a more brutal appearance,” Bond 6.0 says.
An apt piece of news on a day when the top item in the morning meeting today was, yes, haircuts. All prompted by Sudhakar Nair’s cut -and-dye in Koramangala (Rs 80) and Nirad Mudur chop-chop in Malleshwaram (Rs 30).

As usual, the most interesting bit was Prabala Ranga Sai’s intervention on the owners of “Cultural Men’s Parlour” in Rajajinagar coming to work in a Maruti 800.

Mr Mudur provided the intellectual take to the rather mundane debate, saying most barbers after a period of time becoming counsellors to the men they attend to, knowing all their pains, problems and, indeed, pleasure-points.

Oh, by the way, why should you go for a hair cut during office hours? Because it grows during office hours.