Daily Archives: 13 December 2006

Say hello to our ‘Sister Bloggers’

“Yesterday three of us went and played mini-golf. We had a blast.”

That could be the blog entry of a bored businessmen. On the other hand, it is the blog entry of Sister Sarah, a 26-year-old Bendictine nun, who after seeking solace in the great sphere upstairs is currently nestled one layer below, in blogosphere, through The Ear of Your Heart.

Sister Sarah is part of a network of nuns whose online entries are providing rare insights to a closeted world. While most of the blogs are devoted to matters spiritual, many are not hesitant to tackle matters temporal through someremarkably candid confessions.

Sister Claire Joy, a 60-year-old grandmother, who became a nun once her children had grown up writes. “My first year I asked things like, what was I thinking? When am I going to get bored with all this praying? How can I ever live with these neurotic women?” she wrote.

Four years later she is still a nun.

Sister Steph says her favourite film is the romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally, best known for a scene in which the actress Meg Ryan—wait for itfakes an orgasm.