If you don’t get this, you know…

20 December 2006

Everyone thinks he knows how dumb President George W Bush is, but had anybody suspected he would be as dumb as the American stand-up comedian Conan O’Brien makes him out to be?


“Today at the White House, President Bush signed a deal that would send nuclear fuel and know-how to India.

When asked about the Indian deal, President Bush said, “It’s the least we can do after stealing their land.”

3 Responses to “If you don’t get this, you know…”

  1. boringjournalist Says:

    We have one thing common with America. Their leaders are as dumb as ours.
    This should be a matter of satisfaction atleast for the fraternity of the politicians.

  2. Shyam Says:

    Let us milk Bush as much before the Indians in the Reservations get to know of this

  3. S D Praveen Says:

    George ‘War’ Bush is definitly dumb coz he went to war in Iraq believing Saddam had WMD’s. How more dumb can one get, George ‘The Dumb’ Bush

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