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The new 100 Most Useful Websites

The internet is not just about email, chat and search. The Guardian, London, has compiled a list of the new 100 most useful websites for 2006.



It’s not how you begin, how you end

From Lost for Words by John Humphrys (Hodder)


A gauche young man from rural Mississippi won a scholarship to Harvard. On his first day there he approached a couple of cocky young New England socialites.

“Hey, y’all, where’s the library at?”

They sniggered among themselves and one replied haughtily, “At Harvard we prefer not to end our sentences with a preposition.”

The young redneck thought for a moment and siad, “Okay, where’s the library at, asshole?”

Goenka Excellence in Journalism Awards

There is just a week left for entries to be submitted for the Ramnath Goenka “Excellence in Journalism” awards for 2006-07. The award categories (print and broadcast) are:

Environmental reporting

Uncovering India Invisible

Business and Economic Journalism

Political Reporting

Excellence in Reporting on HIV/AIDS

Sports Journalism

Film Journalism

For more information, log onto http://www.expressindia.com/rngf