Daily Archives: 3 January 2007

Five ways to get a headstart this year

For strange but somewhat understandable reasons, journalists are sceptical of making new year resolutions.

Maybe because things change in this profession, faster than we envisage them or without us being in control. Maybe because we are afraid fo failure; afraid of not sticking to them. Or maybe we are plain lazy, letting things happen to us rather than striving to make them happen.

Yet, there can be little doubt that focusing attention and energy and time on specific targets can achieve quantifiable results. On poynter.org, Butch Ward lists five perfectly reasonable resolutions we can try to start off the year with:

1) Get to know the staff better

2) Talk to your audience

3) Develop new sources

4) Learn something

5) Brainstorm ideas

Read the full article here: For the New Year: Back to Basics