Goodbye five ‘W’s, Hello five ‘I’s

The era of the five Ws are over. Newspapers and their journalists can no longer rest content after blandly explaining what happened, who said what, where, when and why. They need to have the five Is: they need to be informed, intelligent, interesting, industrious, and insightful. So says Mitchell Stephens, a professor of journalism at New York University, and the author of A History of News.

Read the full story in the latest issue of Columbia Journalism Review: Beyond News



  1. shalini

    I dont agree. A story may have all these, I mean 5 Is. But without 5Ws how will you be informative? How can you dream constructing a building without proper base.

  2. madanmohan mathihalli

    I agree with Shalini. The five Is can only supplement but cannot supplant the 5Ws.
    The additional requirement only denotes the highly competitive edge of the profession and growing hunger for news and for indepth stories

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