Daily Archives: 16 January 2007

What J-schools and students should do

Long time web journalist Howard Owens, director of digital publishing at Gatehouse Media Inc, has interesting advice for journalism schools and journalism students.

“Students and faculty should just assume their future is online, and design curriculum and publication efforts accordingly—be even more dismissive of print than mainstream publications are right now.”

Asked by the Innovations in College Media blog as to what journalism students and student journalists should do, Owens has a two-piece advice: blog, shoot and edit video, but mainly blog:

Every student journalist should spend at least six months totally immersed in blogging. Start a blog and try to draw an audience. Do the things that bloggers need to do, read other blogs, create a blog roll, link to other blogs, post frequently on topics relevant to the audience you’re trying to reach (and read those blogs in that category), comment on other blogs. Learn to be a participant. That’s my advice to professional journalists, too: if you want to learn this culture, become a participant in it. It will totally change the way you think about media and online publishing.

Read the full article here: Howard Owens


Newspapers are like old girlfriends

After rustling up 100,000 words on the state of the newspaper industry, Chicago Tribune‘s Charles M. Madigan says newspapers are like fondly remembered girlfriends.

“They were lovely in their time. It would be unfair of you to disrespect them.”

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