Daily Archives: 5 February 2007

Will Google go on and on and on and on?

IBM’s dominance lasted 30 years (1950-80). Microsoft reigned for 14 years (1984-98). Google’s dominance, which began in 2001, should, arithmetically speaking, not last more than seven years, give or take a year. On ohmynews.com, Jason Hahn an interesting piece on the four factors that could pull Google down.

1) Security stumble

2) Microsoft-Yahoo merge

3) Cultural backlash

4) Search engines with a human feel

Click here to read the full article: Four ways Google could go down


Radio Today is looking for people

KANCHAN KAUR forwards a job mail doing the rounds:


Radio Today, a new venture by the India Today group, is set to launch next month and they still have a few on-air and programming slots to fill in Delhi, Bombay and Calcutta.

The vacancies are in the positions of programming head, executive producers, on-air Hosts, copywriter, promo producer for stations in the three cities. Delhi will launch first and staffing needs are more urgent there.

If you’re interested, please email dipanjan.banerjee@intoday.com a cover letter, your resume, and if you’re interested in an on-air position, a 3-minute audition/demo-link/CD/tape.

Time to stop blaming your newspaper vendor?

Will mobile phones be the next distribution avenue for Indian newspaper publishers or are we clutching on to straws? Leading ePaper firm Pressmart and mobile distribution firm IMImobile have announced they have developed mPaper, a technology that enables newspaper content to be delivered to subscribers through mobile phones. And several Indian phone operators and at least eight newspapers have signed on. Read more here.