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Can movie critics be sued for a bad review?

13 February 2007

A Belfast restaurant owner has successfully sued an Irish newspaper that gave his joint one star out of five—and criticised the food, drink, staff, and the cigarette smoke. Ciaran Convery has won 25,000 pounds after he charged the Irish News of defaming Goodfellas. Is this the shape of things to come? Is there no such thing as free speech? Can movie producers sue critics for a bad review, citing loss of business?

Front pages from around the world

13 February 2007

We have already alerted serious journalists to its existence before, but Nikhil Moro once again reminds us of the Newseum‘s daily-updated web page with front pages of hundreds of front pages from around the world.

Don’t worry if you forget after a couple of days. There’s a helpful link Today’s Front Pages in the blogroll for easy access.

Can we really trust “Citizen Journalism”?

13 February 2007

Citizen Journalism has become a buzzword. Correction, the buzzword. The mainstream media see it as a lifeboat to rescue plunging circulation and diminishing interest. Newspapers, television channels and, increasingly, even news agencies are taking to it with fervour and ferocity.

The success of websites like, encyclopaedias like are all seen as validation of user-generated content. But how reliable is citizen journalism without the usual editorial checks and balances?

The battlelines are drawn. Simon Jenkins in The Guardian:

“The Internet has certainly torn up the media of communication pioneered by Gutenberg and Caxton, Marconi and Reith. The anarchist in me is attracted by the sovereignty of the mob, I like to see the market, the audience, hitting back occasionally — even if it does so from the Tower of Babel.”

Read the full article here:


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