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Why it’s risky to post a card at Ramoji Film City

G.N. MOHAN, news coordinator, Eenadu Television, sends us a picture shot by him of one of the “items” dotting the landscape of the sprawling Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad. The film city, a one-stop shop for movie makers and one of the world’s largest, is replete with faux objects and architecture like these.

The writer Jayant Kaikini who spent a few months in the film city a few years ago, says he was always in two minds whether to drop an inland-letter in the post-boxes on the campus because he wasn’t ever sure if they were the real thing , or just a movie prop!

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PREM PANICKER: Nine steps to editorial nirvana

Shashi Tharoor, among others, have called him India’s finest cricket writer. Millions have followed his acid wit and lucid prose across continents. Now, in a sans serif exclusive, Prem Panicker, editor, rediff.com, shares the secret of his writing skills.

“Simple—define your story. Examine the brief, question it, walk around it and see it from different directions, different points of view. Take pencil and paper and list down all the possibilities you spot. Then figure out how you want to do the story. And only after you have that mental clarity, that map of where you are going with this, do you even begin work.”

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Sun TV’s new jets: Whose father what goes

Sambhar Mafia has a very pertinent post on the profligacy of Kalanidhi Maran‘s Sun group. The group floated an IPO last year with the ostensible aim to¬† launch new channels, build new studios, etc, in the process turning Maran into the Forbes billionaires list. But the purchase of two Bombarbier corporate jets for Rs 237 crore by the company, not out of Maran’s wallet but with the proceeds of the IPO, raises disturbing questions about how public money is being used.

Read the full article here: Flying high with public money