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Those who chase the right birds and bees

G.N. MOHAN forwards an illustration of Shivaram Pailoor of All India Radio, Dharwad, drawn by Prakash Shetty, formerly of The Week, and reproduced in CAAM News, the in-house publication of the Centre for Alternative Agriculture Media.

An Indian Information Service officer, Pailoor has edited a journal on beekeeping, a journal on spices, and has been closely associated with Adike Pathrike, the farm journal for arecanut and betelnut farmers, along with the amazing Shree Padre.



News University Fellowship for students

HOWARD FINBERG, Interactive Learning Director, The Poynter Institute, writes: We have a unique and very special opportunity for one of your students. It’s the News University Fellowship. This is a yearlong paid position at The Poynter Institute to help create interactive programs and online materials for NewsU. In addition to learning new skills and experience, this is an opportunity to participate in all of the activities at Poynter, including interaction with some of journalism’s best trainers.

If you have a student who can contribute and benefit, now’s the time to act. Have her/him apply by March 15. Details are included below. Or go to http://www.newsu.org/fellowship to learn more and download a flier about the fellowship.



This is a yearlong paid fellowship to aid in the creation of interactive learning modules for News University, the e-learning project at The Poynter Institute for Media Studies. The project is funded by the Knight Foundation. News University can be seen at http://www.newsu.org. This position starts in late spring or summer 2007. Applications are due by March 15, 2007. A decision will be made shortly thereafter.


Has a solid foundation in computer-related design fundamentals including user interface design, information architecture, animation, and interactivity. Candidate has a solid foundation in online graphic design fundamentals including typography, color and bandwidth considerations and is familiar with digital editing for photography, audio and video. This person:

# Is a conceptual thinker, and self-starter who works hard but also likes to have fun

# Is someone who can take initiative, and works well as part of a team

# Is confident in their ability to manage multiple tasks and/or projects and meet deadlines


# Either bachelor’s degree in Multimedia, Computer-related Design or related four-year degree, with emphasis in journalism and/or education

# Proficiency in Flash, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and Photoshop

# Strong scripting skills in ActionScript and HTML; familiarity with java-script, XML, PHP and databases desirable

# Excellent verbal and written communication skills

# Willingness to learn and try new things.

# Experience in collecting and editing digital photographs, audio, and video is a plus

# Knowledge of learning theory and principles of online learning is a plus

# Teaching assistant experience is a plus


# Collaborate with and take direction from Interactive Learning Producers to assist in the creation of instructional packages for Poynter’s News University e-learning project

# Under the direction of Producers or Interactive Faculty, design look and feel of educational projects, from individual modules to entire courses

# Assist Poynter faculty and other journalism professionals with course planning and interactive content development

# Program interactive elements of educational projects such as navigation, site structure, and simulations

# Collect and edit digital content

# Assist with updates to NewsU web site and maintain monthly tracking data


# Participate in daily contact and discussion with the faculty members of The Poynter Institute and journalism industry leaders

# Observe the academic and administrative process of The Institute in group meetings and educational programs

# Meet and learn from Poynter seminar leaders and guest speakers


We encourage applicants with a diverse background to apply. Send resume, examples of work and a cover letter to:
Howard Finberg, Interactive Learning Director, The Poynter Institute. No phone calls, please. Absolutely. The deadline is March 15, 2007.


Surprise! Shah Rukh Khan doesn’t slam the media

Indian celebrities—cinema stars, cricketers, business czars, artists, writers, anybody—are one of a piece when it comes to the media. They want us, they pursue us, they use us when it suits them and then treat us like the plague, accusing us of intruding in their lives, mixing the professional with the personal, bowing to the market, etc.

In that, our celebrities may not be any different from the bold-faced names elsewhere on the third rock from the sun, all of whom seem to have developed an almost uniformly exaggerated sense of what is OK and what doesn’t almost at the same time.

How refreshing it is on this bleak landscape to come across a Shah Rukh Khan who acknowledges the reality. On the debut episode of Star World’s season two of Koffee with Karan show, King Khan said something along these lines:

“I’m not an outsider when it comes to the media. I’m, if you will, the don of media. I’m part of it. We’re all responsible for it. We will reap as we sow.

“We all want great markets, TV, in-house, cable, reach. If you want all that, you need more news, more stories, more gossip.

“We have to accept that it is symbiotic relationship. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes—in fact, most times—it helps us.”