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Bangaloreans being trained in Boston?

There is an uproar in the United States over journalism jobs being outsourced to India. And there is much consternation that the New York Times company, which owns the Boston Globe, may be training some Bangaloreans who could take over the jobs of Americans.

“It’s the biggest lie, the biggest secret in the city of Boston,” says Boston Newspaper Guild president Dan Totten. “The Boston Globe and the New York Times don’t want anybody to know about this because of their editorial positions—how they constantly tell other corporations how to act and how to treat their employees. They don’t want that made public.”

Read the full article here: Globe meet Bangalore. Bangalore, meet Globe


Let your camera-phone make you a star

UGC is no longer just University Grants Commission. It’s short for User-Generated Content, and it’s all the rage. Television channels and newspapers are using it; websites like Oh My News and Now Public are run on it; news agencies like Reuters and Associated Press are getting into it; and of course, there is orkut and YouTube and the rest.

Welcome, then, to ittybittyphoto.com, Brian Poulter‘s site that is a blog of tiny-format photographs taken using devices like the cell phone camera, Personal Digital Assistants, and the sort. Shoot and submit

AYAZ MEMON on cricket journalism

The World Cup is around the corner, and an event of this size and glitz is enough to make any journalist—aspiring and perspiring—dream of making it it big as a cricket writer. In this sans serif exclusive, acclaimed cricket writer and DNA editor Ayaz Memon, who has covered the game for Sportsweek, The Independent, Mid-Day, and Times of India, shares what he believes are the ground rules to lord over the 22 yards.

“There is no game more exhilarating, more noble, than cricket. No other sport teaches you as much about life… And cricket journalism is a job undoubtedly — the best job in the world.”

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