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How to start blogs and influence visitors

Howard Owens wants every student journalist and every journalist to blog. Most do, of course, but few manage to attract the visitors and/or comments to stay interested in the game. So, what to do? Megan Taylor rounds up a fine set of bloggers’ tips.

Participate in conversations on related blogs. Start conversations on your own blog. Don’t just post about a story and leave it at that, engage your audience.

Read the full story here: Blog niche exploration (part the first)

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A life without papers, radio, TV, net, mobile?

No iPods, no car radios, no email, no television, no surfing… A dozen students of Seattle University tried a 96-hour “media deprivation” experiment. Each of them cheated, some more than others, proving Prof. Mara Adelman‘s hypothesis that the “art of alone time is increasingly lost in our hectic, frazzled, wired lives.”

Read the full story here: Could you make it without media for four days?

Sudha G. Tilak tried a similar exercise for Outlook magazine in December 2004:

“I am not sure I felt unhappy being incommunicado. It was irritable, discomfiting and inconvenient… Friends worried why I didn’t receive calls and one certified me as ill-mannered since I didn’t return calls. My inbox was choked with spam and messages breaking suspense on a family wedding gossip and censure from work over dragging deadlines and a pal announced a new arrival in his home—a pup named Hermit.”

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Why the internet is a giant zero

From Doc Searls weblog

“The Net is a giant zero. It puts everybody zero distance from everybody and everything else. And it supports publishing and broadcasting at costs that round to zero as well.

“It is essential for the mainstream media to understand that the larger information ecosystem is one that grows wild on the Net and support everybody who wants to inform anybody else.

“It no longer grows inside the mainstream media’s walled gardens. Those gardens will continue to thrive only to the degree that they do two things: 1) open up; and 2) live symbiotically with individuals outside who want to work together for common purposes.”

Read the full text here: Giant zero journalism

ANIL THAKRANEY on The Art of the Column

Ad man, editor, ad man, editor Anil Thakraney writes one of India’s more provocative columns. In this sans serif exclusive, the former editor of The Brief and Mid-Day, Bangalore, shares his 13-point sutra on how best to keep readers engaged and involved.

4. Entertain the reader, don’t just tell him things… use a lot of humour. People make friends with interesting people, not bores.

6. Always write for yourself, never for the readers. Makes the writing more honest and informal.

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