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The art of making something out of nothing

The San Francisco Chronicle‘s Fredric Larson has a nice site on mystical photography—seemingly the art of making photographs out of nothing. Worth a dekko for those wanting to learn.

Rad: Mystical Photography


45 social science books for a journalist’s library

PRESS RELEASE FROM CRITICAL QUEST: Critical Quest, the new social science library, is pleased to make available the best and relevant of social science writings in India and abroad to individuals, students, teachers and the general reading public.

Critical Quest attempts to retrieve and sustain within current discourses, the rational-liberative articulations in history and culture. Its objective is not only to inform
and enlighten readers but also to impel them towards an emancipatory engagement with the society at large.

It hopes to function as a tool both of deconstruction as well as reconstruction of socially relevant knowledge. The
attempt is not profit-oriented and invites co-operation and participation of all committed to socio-political transformation of the Indian societies towards greater social inclusion and more egalitarian social practice.



1. A Prophet Facing Forward by Meera Nanda Rs. 20, US $ 2 (pp32)

2. Child Slaves in Modern India by Lee Tucker Rs 30, US $ 4 (pp 48)

3. Historical Role of Islam by M.N. Roy Rs 25, US $ 3 (pp40)

4. Intelligentsia as a Ruling Class by Ashok Rudra Rs 20, US $ 2 (pp32)

5. Postmodernism  by Mats Alvesson  Rs 25, US $ 3  (pp 40)

6. Buddhism : Human Rights & Social Renewal by Nalin Swaris Rs. 30, US $ 4 (pp 48)

7. William Campbell In Defence of Vernaculars by M. S. Thirumalai & B. Mallikarjuna Rs. 25, US $ 2 (pp40)

8. Mr. Gandhi & the Emancipation of the Untouchables by B.R. Ambedkar Rs. 20, US $ 2 (pp 32)

9. Chhatrapati Shahu’s Crusade Against Untouchability by B. D. Khane Rs. 20, US $ 2 (pp32)



10. The Oppressed Hindus by M.C. Rajah Rs. 25, US $ 3 (pp 40)

11.  Buddha or Marx by B.R. Ambedkar Rs. 20, US $ 2 (pp 32)

12. Ambedkar’s Conversion by Eleanor Zelliot Rs. 20, US $ 2 (pp 32)

13. Interpreting Kerala’s Social Development by G. Aloysius Rs. 20, US $ 2 (pp 32)

14. The Namasudra Movement in Bengal by S. Bandyopadhyaya Rs. 20, US $ 2 (pp 32)

15. Marx on Culture by Raymond Williams Rs. 20, US $ 2 (pp 32)

16. The World of the Mundas I by John Hoffman Rs. 25, US $ 3 (pp 40)

17. The World of the Mundas II by John Hoffman Rs.25, US $ 3 (pp 40)

18. Sri Narayana Guru by S. Omana Rs. 20, US $ 2 (pp 32)

19. Periyar on Buddhism by G. Aloysius Rs. 20, US $ 2 (pp 32)



20. The Dalit Liberation Movement in Colonial Period by B. Patankar & G. Omvedt Rs 25, US $ 2 (pp 32)

21. Hindu Social System and Human Rights of Untouchables by S. Thorat Rs 20, US $ 2 (pp 32)

22. Dalit-Subaltern Emergence in Religio-cultural Subjectivity by G. Aloysius Rs 20, US $ 2 (pp32)

23. The Social Philosophy of Buddhism and the Problem of Inequality by U. Chakravarti Ts 20, US $ 2 (pp 32)

24.  Jotiba Phule and the Ideology of Social Revolution in India by G. Omvedt Rs 20, US $ 2 (pp 32)

25. Periyar on Islam by G. Aloysius Rs 20, US $ 2 (pp 32)

26. Conversion as Emancipation by B.R. Ambedkar Rs 20, US $ 2 (pp 32)

27. Caste and Democracy by K.M. Pannikkar Rs 20, US $ 2 (pp 32)

28. Imagined Religious Community by R. Thapar Rs 20, US $ 2 (pp 32)

29. Social Exclusion: Concept, Application and Scrutiny by Amartya Sen Rs. 25, (p p40)



30. What is Buddhism? by Lakshmi Narasu Rs 10, (pp 96)

31. Thoughts of Dr Ambedkar by Nanak Chand Rattu Rs 200  (pp 271)

32.  Why I am an Atheist by Dharmakirti  Rs 100 (pp 96)

34. Great Buddhist Women by Madhukar Piplayan Rs 100 (pp 96)

34. Anti-Imperialism and Annihilation of Castes by Anand Teltumbde (Ramai) Rs. 165

35. Nationalism without a Nation in India by G. Aloysius   Rs. 295 (pp 265 +xii)

36. Last Few Years of Dr Ambedkar by Nanak Chand Rattu Rs 80 (pp 271)

37. Debrahminising History by Braj Ranjan Mani Rs 395 (pp 456)

38. Buddhism in India Challenging Brahmanism and Caste by Gail Omvedt Rs 395 (pp315+xiii)

39. Dalit Visions by Gail Omvedt Rs 130 (pp108)

40. Little Known Facets of Dr Ambedkar by Nanak Chand Rattu  Rs 200 (pp240)

41. Why I am Not A Hindu by Kancha Illaiah  Rs 180, (pp132)

42. Reminiscences and Remembrances of Dr Ambedkar by  Nanak Chand Rattu  Rs 75 (pp 216)

43. Important Messages Sayings, Wit and Wisdom of Dr Ambedkar by Nanak Chand Rattu  Rs 200 (pp184)

44. Gendering  Caste Through a Feminist Lens  Rs 225

45. Right to Food : Human Rights Network Rs 400 , US $ 40 (pp520)


Total cost for CQ books of 2006: Rs 240

Total cost for CQ books of 2005: Rs  215

Total cost for CQ books of 2007: Rs 210

Total cost for books from other Publishers: Rs  3235

Grand Total: Rs 3897

Payment in advance may be sent as a Demand Draft  favouring Critical Quest.


Critical Quest

420, G-Block, Phase VI, Aya Nagar, New Delhi-110047


criticalquest @rediffmail.com


Mob 9910036543

Land line 2650201245

Wanted: freelance international contributors

PRESS RELEASE FROM JEFF YANG: We are looking for part-time freelance international contributors, what we call Cultural Fluents. Candidates should be based in Europe, Asia, Latin America for now, and should be culturally and linguistically fluent in their regions of residence.

This job is intended as a second job for someone who already has a full time job—ideally in media, journalism, or marketing.

We want people who have a keen eye for the culture they live in, a native curiosity about consumer behaviour, and a certain affinity for analyzing the world and interpreting emerging trends around them.

People who are active and smart bloggers are nearly perfect candidates; our Fluents will be expected to essentially blog for us, by participating in a Global Insights Community we’re launching, submitting observations and commenting on observations submitted by others. Being up on the local media is key, but we also want primary observations—walking around with a still/video camera and potting interesting things is part of the gig.

If this sounds like fun to you (or if you do it for free anyway), and you live in any of the following countries—UK, Germany, France, Russia, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Japan, Korea, China, India, Canada—eail me at jyang@iconoculture.com with your resume for more details.

Compensation is a fixed monthly rate, and is proportionate to market standards in the target countries. There is also an initial allotment for equipment purchase or upgrade (e.g., digital camera).