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A prince gets a royal rebuff from a photog

Anecdotes in journalism are usually dark jokes that never fails to delight its practitioners in any part of the world. There is a lovely one in today’s Independent of an encounter between Prince Charles and The Sun tabloid’s royal photographer, Arthur Edwards.

Edwards actually admires Charles. When he is walking along a public track near Highgrove with his long lens camera, he is confronted by the prince, who is on horseback.

Charles: “What are you doing!”

Edwards: “I’m just doing a job.”

Charles: “Some job.”

Arthur: “At least I’ve got a job.”

Exit Charles at a gallop.

Read the full interview here: Arthur Edwards


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‘Who the bloody hell listens to podcasts?’

You won’t find too many non-conformists among editors when all the talk is about newspapers entering the digital age,¬† pushing hard news online, starting blogs of staffers, introducing podcasts of columnists, etc is the order of the day. And the sooner the better.

But Simon Kelner of The Independent has bucked the trend.

“I’ve never met anyone who ever listens to podcasts,” he said. “When I saw in the Telegraph ‘Get your podcast of Simon Heffer discussing David Cameron‘s latest policy announcement’, I thought you’ve got to be joking! I’m not convinced that they’re the future.

Read the full story here: Kelner warns against digital revolution