Daily Archives: 20 March 2007

Opinions are like you now what. All have one.

The Guardian, London, has launched a new campaign for its Comment is Unlimited blog. It’s nothing if not colourful.


Those who can, blog. Those who can’t…?

Blogs are here, there, everywhere. They have been called narcissistic exercises, echo-chambers of the unemployed, and worse. Indian journalists are not alone in being sceptical of its power to shape and influence society.

Till you hear the amazing story of Talking Points Memo.

The bloggers used the usual tools of good journalists everywhere—determination, insight, ingenuity—plus a powerful new force that was not available to reporters until blogging came along: the ability to communicate almost instantaneously with readers via the Internet and to deputize those readers as editorial researchers, in effect multiplying the reporting power by an order of magnitude.

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