Forget newspapers, what about letter-writing?

28 March 2007

G.N. MOHAN forwards an advertisement for Australia Post, reproduced courtesy that harks back to a not-so-long-ago past and exhorts people to put pen to paper rather than mouse to pad.

Owners, publishers, editors, journalists everywhere are wondering how long newspapers will survive in the digital age. But is letter writing as an art form any far behind? Or, like newspaper-reading, will it eventually become the hobby of a privileged few? A few privileged to have the time, the patience, and the drive, desire and dedication to walk up to the post office.

2 Responses to “Forget newspapers, what about letter-writing?”

  1. Gros Says:

    Hello, Can you tell me where I can find that photo of G.N. Mohan (Forget newspapers, what about letter-writing?) with a better resolution ? And how I can do if I want publish it in a book ? Thanks
    D Gros, Strasbourg France

  2. janak Says:

    It is really coool.
    Really creative Impressed

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