And the winner of the silliest book title is…

Reading is no longer the purely geeky exercise it was. Thanks to the web, the literary world has suitably lightened up to keep fringe readers interested in the proceedings. There’s the hilarious Bad Sex award of the Literary Review magazine, but there  dozens of online, interactive contests.

Bookseller is inviting online entries for its delectable contest for the oddest title of the year. The books in the running are:

# Tattooed Mountain Women and Spoon Boxes of Daghestan

# How Green Were the Nazis?

# D. Di Mascio‘s Delicious Ice Cream: D. Di Mascio of Coventry—An Ice Cream Company of Repute, with an Interesting and Varied Fleet of Ice Cream Vans

# The Stray Shopping Carts of Eastern North America: A Guide to Field Identification

# Proceedings of the Eighteenth International Seaweed Symposium

# Better Never To Have Been: The Harm of Coming Into Existence

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