What your penis says about your email

Rediffmail, the email service of rediff.com has reportedly run into trouble with its latest commercial touting unlimited storage space. Sun TV, according to a report in the Hindustan Times, has refused to run the commercial, terming it offensive. And the Advertising Standards Council of India is also said to have received a few complaints.

The commercial has two women in an office suggestively discussing a tiny colleague’s big attributes. “Is it true about Raju?” Even the boss bends across the urinal with his eyes fixed on the lower half of little Raju’s anatomy. And in the final shot, the guy in the cubicle next to Raju’s asks him pointblank, to which tiny Raju says, it is not big, it is unlimited.


CHETAN KRISHNASWAMY says he too found the ad crass and tasteless. Did you? On the other hand, if the whole point of advertising is to create awareness and get people talking about a product, has it succeeded? Or is the ad indecent and unbecoming of a portal set up by one of the co-founders of India’s most creative ad agencies?

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