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‘New media skills = Better job prospects’

We have gone through this before, but there is no harm in repeating it again. Tomorrow’s journalists are better served by having multimedia skills. Students who can speak into a camera, film a story and edit it, maintain a blog, and have some kind of online presence will be preferred over those who don’t.

Read the full story here: New media skills = better job prospects

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Pictures that should give lensmen an idea or two

During the Vietnam war, America sprayed the Mekong River delta with Agent Orange, a chemical weapon more devastating than napalm. Thirty years later, the aftereffects of the chemical are still to go away and still very evident. The celebrated war photographer James Nachtwey, went in search of children deformed by Agent Orange in Vietnam and America, for Vanity Fair. And the magazine now has a slideshow of his extraordinary pictures, which should remind Indian photographers of their true role.

Go the slideshow here: The Vietnam Syndrome