Daily Archives: 17 April 2007

‘Indian media is losing its adversarial position’

Indian news television doesn’t have too many with the intellecltual wherewithal to bite the hand that feeds, but V.K. Shashi Kumar, editor of the special investigation team of CNN-IBN, bravely does that in a fine blog titled ‘Moronic Media’. As channels like Aaj Tak prepare to slip from the Richard Gere-Shilpa Shetty smooch to the saat pheren of Aishwarya and Abhishek, Kumar says “most channels fill up airtime based on a series of assumptions that some smart management cookie dishes out to gullible television programmers, producers and editors.”

Media, especially, news television, is focusing on the trivia. It is stressing more on information and not on being informative. It has no grand purpose in India. It simply meanders in mediocrity. It is voyeuristic and simply oriented to commerce. It is not oriented as an ethical, profit making enterprise that is in the business of being on the top of the information chain and cutting edge news delivery…

Media is increasingly losing its adversarial position. It is no longer the harbinger of progressive and democratic values. It is no longer a defender of the rights of the citizenry It is no longer a staunch advocate of the underdog and a champion of everyday heroes.

Read the full blog here: Moronic Media