Daily Archives: 6 May 2007

Why you must control your anger as a reporter

OK, you are a reporter. You are sent to cover something. You are doing an interview. But, something goes wrong. You lose it. You lose your temper. You forget you are a reporter and rant at the subject at the top of your voice.

Question: What is the first thing you should do?

Answer: Pray that somebody hasn’t captured your anger on film, as the BBC reporter John Sweeney is discovering.

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The threesome that was too much for MSM

D.P. SATISH forwards radiologist-cum-cartoonist Hemant Morparia‘s take on the wedding night of Bollywood stars Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai, with Amar Singh hidden in the sheets, which was reportedly spiked by the mainstream media.

Is the cartoon tasteless in going a little too far, entering a part of the household where the television camera still hasn’t? Or, does it capture (and question) the mysterious ubiquitousness of the Samajwadi Party leader like nothing else?


On a different but not altogether irrelevant note, the legendary James Thurber once submitted a cartoon with a male elephant, a female elephant, and a baby elephant in bed. The caption, typically, was husband-wife pillow talk.

Harold Ross, the equally legendary but infinitely finicky editor of the New Yorker took a look at the cartoon, read the caption, and asked, “Who’s saying this to whom?” although it would have been evident even to an infant-reader of the magazine.

Ross’s broad point was that a cartoon caption should not leave anything to chance. Thurber eventually ended up putting the captions in balloons. Should Morporia too have done that to remove any shadow of doubt?