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‘The past is safer, the present is terrifying’

The name Marshall McLuhan trips off most mediamen’s lips. The medium is the massage message, and the global village, words made famous by the Canadian communications theorist, are used loosely ad nauseam. But how the did the man look like, how did he speak, and did he really predict the rise of YouTube 40 years ago?

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The Japanese on what is expected of newspapers

Japan’s newspapers operate with the kind of If-you-don’t-enter-my-turf-I won’t-yours monopoly that newspapers in India earlier did. That however didn’t stop the Japanese Newspapers Publishers’ and Editors’ Asociation from organising a symposium on “What is expected of newspapers today”. Their key findings:

# Newspapers should give more facts now that chats and forums on which opinions are discussed populate the Internet

# Information delivered by newspapers should be diverse, giving people “food for thought” to be pondered later

# Newspapers must strive to establish a trusting relationship with readers and should provide accurate information

# Newspapers need to guide people because they “can not always make a reasonable judgment from accurate information”

# Cross-media projects would be beneficial

# Newspapers need to “make full use of the Internet” while simultaneously transforming themselves

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Where a T-shirt is a symbol of loss and love

In memory of a soldier. In memory of a player. In memory of a grandmother. In memory of a hustler. In memory of anybody you can think of. In Liberty City, in the heart of black Miami, in a city where death is a stable business, Studio X owner Chino Mizrachi has put the faces of the recently dead on T-shirts for 17 years now. Hank Willis Thomas has an interesting photo essay on Mother Jones.

View the photo essay here: Fitting tribute