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Finally, all the good news that’s fit to read

Everybody wants good news. President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam wants good news. The advertising department wants good news. But what would a newspaper be if a paper only printed good news? It would be what you see above. Here’s what looks like a copy of The Sunday Times, London, with all the bad news cut out.

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The young shall inherit the newspaper earth

Publishers, editors and assorted paid pipers in the newspaper industry these days make a big song and dance about attracting young readers, about creating a product that will appeal to the young, because it is these young readers who will grow into tomorrow’s adults.

But, as this YouTube video of a 1960s television commercial for the Daily Mirror in London, shows publishers, editors and assorted paid pipers have been doing this for decades now. And it was probably done for decades before them, but probably not with the same panache or panic.

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Who shrunk Dagwood Bumbstead, Mr Dithers?

“Oh, I could do that with my eyes closed,” has become a cliche in the mouths of the super-confident. In 1947, Life magazine asked some well-known comic strip artists to draw their characters with their eyes closed. This is how Dagwood Bumstead the perenially-late-for-work, always-sleeping-on-the-couch husband of Blondie turned out in the hands of his creator, Chic Young.

Not a bad, as they say in this part of the world.

Read the full article and watch more blindfolded creations here: Eyes wide shut

‘The Ahmeds are under a siege by the media’

B.T. Venkatesh, the lawyer for the parents of Kafeel Ahmed and Sabeel Ahmed, the Bangalore brothers arrested in Britain in connection with the failed attack on Glasgow Airport, was on NDTV last night.

“My clients have virtually been imprisoned by the media. There are dozens of reporters and photographers outside their home. They cannot go out to even fetch some milk, nor can any visitor come in to meet them.

“They are under a seige by the media.

“The television cameras are fixed on the rooms of their house. When somebody drew the curtain to change her clothes, she was aghast to see a video camera prying in on her. We will initiate legal action against any media house which airs such pictures.”

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