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In digital age, an OB van can move mountains

Indian news channels like news channels everywhere are sitting ducks for arm-chair critics. They are often criticised, and justly many times, for too much noise, too much sensationalism, too much froth, but not enough impact on the lives of people around them.

But for Jency Jacob, a journalist with CNN-IBN in Bombay, the last two weeks were the most satisfying in his seven-year career. Two weeks that have led him to believe:

“Maybe this profession is not so unrewarding despite the long hours of work, unimaginable stress and lack of social life.”

Read his heart-warming story of what a TV channel could do for a victim of the July 11 Bombay train blasts: The 7/11 blog


Why Barkha will be more successful than Rajdeep

OK, you do great stories. You’ve politicians quaking in their pants. You’ve sources calling in with tips every so often. Your colleagues adore you. Your byline is a brand. Celebrities are falling over each other to invite you to parties. But do you the right surname?

A new study by Richard Wiseman shows that people who have a surname that begins with a letter near the start of the alphabet are more successful in life than those with names towards the end. In short, Rajdeep SardesaI Barkha DutT is more likely to be successful than Barkha DutT Rajdeep SardesaI.

The Bard didn’t but he could well have asked, what’s in a surname? The answer: a lot more than he could have imagined.

Read the full article here: The surname study

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