Why they don’t show people watching TV on TV

“If you want to know why you don’t have enough money, the first question to ask yourself is how much time do you spend watching TV?” That’s the dark question Jeffrey Strain poses on savingadvice.com.

Strain used to watch three hours of television every day. He cut it down to three hours a week, set up website up, and then quit his regular job. He offers a five-step recipe on how to dump your TV, quite your job, create an online business and fund your retirement.

# Decide on an hour allowance

# Decide on any exempt shows

# Decide what your time is worth

# Create a list of alternative activities:

# Start new projects

Read the full story here: How dumping TV allowed me to quit my job, create an online business, and fund my retirement 


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  1. Thank your for the mention. While I am not anti TV, I think that most people (including myself in the past) watch more than we really should. It’s surprising how much more productive you can be with a small change in your TV watching habits…

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