India’s only Sanskrit daily newspaper turns 38

It was started by Kalale Nadadur Varadaraja Iyengar in Mysore on 14 July 1970. The reason: to make use of the Sanskrit types lying idle with him The objective: to cater to scholars who desired to read a newspaper in the language they loved.

For 38 years, it has been published from the Brahmin enclave of Ramachandra Agrahara without a break. The print order is a very modest 2,000 copies, much of it reaching readers near and far by mail. The annual subscription is Rs 250.

Muralidhara Khajane reports on Sudharma, India’s only Sanskrit daily that turned 38 last Sunday in today’s Hindu, with Iyengar’s son K.V. Sampath Kumar now in the editorial saddle.

Read the full story here: Keeping Sanskrit alive

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  1. What a heartening report!

    Congratulations to Sri. K.V. Sampath Kumar on his singular achievement.

    An impressive blossom requires strong roots. “Sudharma” connects our glittering and bobbing pop culture with the calm profundity of our cultural heritage.

    In addition to patrons within India, “Sudharma” may find especially appreciative readers in the three dozen or so North American universities that offer Sanskrit programs.

    On another note, I can’t see anything particularly Brahmin about Mysore’s “agraharas” nowadays. Even if I could, Ramachandra Agrahara would be no more a “Brahmin enclave” than are the other agraharas.

    Mysore’s original five agraharas, it seems, were established by Krishnaraja Wodeyar III through small grants of land around the mid-19th century. They were a sign of the king’s patronage of scholars. Their “secularization” was inevitable, and to some traditionalists a rather sad chapter in Mysore’s history.

  2. K.N.Suryanarayana Jois

    सुधर्मा दिनपत्रिका संस्कृतभाषया नित्यव्यव्यहारः साध्यः इति दर्शयति । वरदराजाय्यङ्गार्यस्य
    एषः उपक्रमः संस्कृते नूतनं विक्रमं स्थापितवान् । जीयत् गीर्वाणी ।

  3. kamlesh shakta

    i love sanskrit ,thaks to sampat kumar ji for dedication and promoting samskrit

  4. Malay

    it is vey good to hear that there is a sanskrit newspaper in india.people are not liking sanskrit but it is mother of all language. thanks to sir K V Sampath Rai for making “Sudharma”

  5. Madhu

    जयतात् संस्कृतवाणी मधुरा जयतात् विश्वजनादरणीया ||

    1. vimal

      jayatu sanskritam


    i want to subscribe to this ‘ SUDHARMA’ daily

    whome should i contact

  7. jitendra

    i am intrested in sanskrit kindly provide me information about sanskrit .

  8. ept

    Sudharma is now available online at

  9. Ramakant Tiwari

    It is a wonderful experience.My only prayer is ti print meanings of difficult words at the bottom of every page. It shall allow biginners to learn faster. Kindly keep it up.

  10. R.Ramdas

    I am interested to subscribe

    R,Ramdas B.E
    (sanskrit student)
    date of birth; 22-03-1941
    ‘arakali srinivas
    125, 5th mn. 5th cross
    N.G.E.F Layout
    BANGALORE 560094

  11. Ashish

    Sudharma can now be accessed online at

    It is great to see that the lastest technologies are empowering the oldest language to revive and spread. In the online version, there are details on how to subscribe for a hard copy of the newspaper. There is also a way to donate through paypal and enjoy reading it online.

    There is also ways to make comments on the e-news section, where I think you can give suggestions like Mr Ramakant has given here. I am sure they would take the suggestions well and respond positively

  12. Chandrabhanu

    I love Sanskrit, it is the language of knowledge and I totally support the publication of this Samskartam Daily Newspaper, hopefully that it is not only for India distribution. Sanskrit had a high demand in Indonesia and other SEA countries, not only for religious purpose but also for its precious value in the spread of knowledge.

  13. Rajesh Khilari

    I am located in Mumbai and would like to subscribe to the paper copies daily. How should I go about ?

  14. kaiasachandrapadhi

    how to get news script in sanskrit as like other language

  15. vivekanand yadav

    i am vivek n i m really feeling proud n thankfull for the people knowing that some people still are serving to san skrit may lord vishnu full fill there wish n iwould like a subscription of sudharma sanskrit news paper pleas send me details about it

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