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What’s your grammar quotient, Ms Grundy?

When the reporter promises to keep a secret (“Don’t worry. That will be just between you and I”); when the industry leader paints a rosy picture (“The future of this technology is obvious although you and me may not be around to see it”); when HR sends a stern memo on expenses (“in the future, clearance for lunches over $100 must be obtained from Max or I”), it gets Stanley Bing all irritated.


If you really have to know, there may be a problem, Sriharikota.

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10 ways to become a self-taught master

There’s a wonderful story T.V.R. Shenoy, the founder-editor of The Week, narrates of life in Delhi in the 1960s and early ’70s. Of walking down from his home in Green Park along with a friend towards the Central Secretariat, and playing chess along the way.

Yes, chess—not on a board, but in the mind!

Shenoy is a walking encyclopaedia and he credits that to a habit he picked up as a young boy. He says he would choose a subject and read everything that was available on it forĀ  the next two years. Result: he had some mastery over at least five subjects at the end of a decade, and so on.

This is auto-didactism—educating yourself—at its best, and it is something he, and the management guru Peter Drucker, advocate. Especially for journalists and wannabe journalists who are otherwise caught up in the fleeting superficiality of their business.

Especially because:

“What is learned and experienced early in life becomes obsolete, requiring reinvention, not merely revitalization. “

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