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Seven uses of having a readers’ editor

ARVIND SWAMINATHAN writes from Madras: An ombudsman is still not a fixture in most Indian newsrooms largely because editors are very reluctant to cede some of their powers, real and imagined. The Hindu is one of the few papers that has had a readers’ editor for some time and, in today’s column, K. Narayanan lists some of the pluses of having one:

# The abusive phone calls the office used to get from readers about mistakes had ceased.

# The paper had earned respect and confidence among customers and contemporaries

# Reporters are more cautious and double-check facts.

# Pages get a second look before they are passed.

# The number of serious errors has come down.

# Staff members themselves point out a mistake they have committed and ask for a correction.

# Mistakes seldom get repeated.

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The Hindu responds to churumuri. We do too.