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Q: How far should a journo go to get a scoop?

Answer: Don’t ask the daughter of India’s biggest magazine group.

India’s television channels have very nearly blurred the distinction between the labels “live”, “flash”, “update” and “breaking news” by using them for virtually anything and sometimes all of them at the same time. (In fact, the India TV channel actually has a helpful daily half-hour programme called “Breaking News” hosted by Rajat Sharma).

As if to obliterate the distinction forever, a new movie titled “It’s Breaking News” is on the anvil, and playing the lead is Koel Purie, the daughter of Aroon Purie, the proprietor of the India Today group, and an alumnus of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

Koel plays Vidya, who in a bid to break the news—surprise, surprise—begins to overlook the cannons of journalism. When she gets a call from a sexually-harassed girl, she plans a “sting”, going so far as to cover the rape “live”, to bring home the drama.

Aaj Tak meets The Almighty?

Photo courtesy: hamaraphotos.com

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