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Letterman is cold, empty and crawling with rats

Talk show host David Letterman has had the honour of having the new $21 million communication and media building named after him at his alma mater, Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. And as he so often does on his CBS show, the Class of ’70 ended his hilarious speech with a list.

Ten good things about having your name on a building

10. Forget the name, just check the building

9. On weekends, maintenance crew lets you ride on the floor buffer

8. By law they have to let you use the rest room

7. It’s lot better than having your name on a lame talk show

6. You are allowed to crash after a night at the locker room

5. Great way to show off that jerk down the street with the vanity license plate

4. When people say “Letterman is cold and empty”, they mighty be talking aobut the building

3. Fun to see the security guard do a double take when he checks your ID

2. Cool to hear exterminators say “Letterman is crawling with rats”

1. Unlike me, it should still look good when it’s 60


D’oh! The most powerful dude in Springfield

Rupert Murdoch tops Vanity Fair‘s annual power ranking once again this year.

The New York Times Arthur Sulzberger is at No. 93, NYT foreign affairs columnist Thomas L. Friedman is more powerful at No. 78.

“Murdoch fulfilled a long-held ambition to own The Wall Street Journal after making a stunning, cunning, $5 billion offer for Dow Jones & Co. In typical fashion, he offered more money than anyone in his right mind would have done, ensuring that the Bancroft-family members who controlled the company had little choice but to turn it over. (The wily deal-maker even wrapped up negotiations in time to make his scheduled departure on his new yacht, Rosehearty, which investor Vivi Nevo had returned the day before.)

“The famously hands-on media mogul inspires fear and loathing among Journal employees and readers, but Murdoch, who grew up in the newspaper business, insists his intentions are benign: he says he wants to pour money into the paper to fuel expansion outside of the U.S. and on the Web. And he’ll likely do just that.”

Read the full list: The 2007 New Establishment


In picture, Murdoch squares off with Homer Simpson, the “crude, overweight, incompetent, intolerant, clumsy, thoughtless and a borderline alcoholic” wonder of the hit serial The Simpsons