Daily Archives: 26 September 2007

Come on, describe this really big number

The grammar girl tests your word power once again.


If you want to blog but don’t know where to start

For journalists still unsure of how to set foot into the deep, wide, welcome but relatively unknown ocean called blogosphere, Adam Tinworth lists the three kinds of openings they could sneak into:

# Expert comment

# Aggregation

# Background

Read the full article: Three types of journalist blogs

When a politician bites man, it is news


“Most event organisers do not understand what interests journalists. So you have random speakers, deemed “unimportant” in journalist lingo, talking hours together while the impatient journalists wait for that the one key speaker who will give them the day’s news. Anyway, the point is not many outside the field understand this.

“Not the impressive N.S. Ramaswamy, former Director of the Indian Institute of Management, though.

“Displaying a keen “news sense,” Prof. Ramaswamy narrated an incident about the time he was invited to speak at a seminar on urban development: “I told the organisers to invite a Minister because no one will listen to me and the media will not cover it. They went to the Minister who told them that he knows only rural affairs and not urban affairs. I suggested then that he could be asked to speak on rural aspects of urban development.” That would make interesting copy indeed.”