Daily Archives: 1 October 2007

Ten (plus seven) ways to be a good J-student

There is more than one way to skin a cat, and there are ten ways to become a good journalism student according to Paul Bradshaw, a journalism professor in the United Kingdom:

1) Read the news

2) Forget you have an opinion

3) Know the difference between news and features

4) Make contacts

5) Get a life

6) Don’t sit around waiting for an email reply

7) Learn how to spell

8) Be open to new experiences

9) Read books

10) Know what you want to get out of this—and chase it

Bryan Murley of Innovation in College Media adds seven more bullet points to the list:

11) Watch good video

12) Engage in conversation

13) See stories from all angles

14) Embrace the web

15) Be willing to fail

16) Ask “why”

17) Think about databases