An Afghan journalist needs help. Your help.

SUNIL K. POOLANI writes: A friend of mine, Kamran Mir Hazar, an Afghani poet, journalist and writer who used to a very successful website, has been a daring and vociferous voice of freedom of expression in Afghanistan from the pre-Taliban days.

Once the Taliban took over, he had to flee to Iran; when the USA ‘liberated’ Afghanistan, this poor chap came back thinking everything is safe. Hardly. He was being targetted by the invisible evils called the Taliban all over the place. So he had to flee to India, taking a three-month visiting visa, along with his wife.

He is in Delhi at present, and he told me today that the Indian government is not extending his visa for his stay here. So he will have to go back to Afghanistan and you know what to expect there, for him and his wife.

What he is looking for is a job opportunity or a reason to stay for some more time in a ‘neutral’ country like India, and then get political asylum in any European country. He needs help.

Please see if you can do something that can save a man’s and his wife’s lives and also contribute to the cause of freedom of speech, with whatever contact you have. His email ID is:


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