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Man behind ‘most important story of our time’

The magazine calls it “The Most Important Story of Our Time”. The magazine’s editor calls the reporter’s work “one of the finest in the history of Indian journalism”.The magazine is Tehelka.

The story is the sting operation of what happened in Gujarat in 2002 “in the words of the men who did it. The editor is Tarun J. Tejpal. And the reporter is Ashish Khetan.

“For six months, I remained a voyager between two worlds—my world where I was Ashish Khetan, a journalist with a Catholic wife, a daughter with a French name, and no fixed religion, and a host of Muslim and Christian friends. And then there was the other world, where I was Piyush Aggarwal, a member of the “Parivar”, a Hindu zealot, a religious fanatic, with only murders and rapists for friends.”

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The world’s “best sexiest advertisements”


Anyone can make sexy ads, but it takes a certain amount of focus, greed, and sheer insensitivity to make the sexiest ones, says Media Circus.

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