Daily Archives: 19 December 2007

Spread the news, Brabender is a good PR man

He sends out press releases for SummerSleds which work on grass and for Litecubes which glow in the dark. His most latest release is for Fish n’ Flush (in picture), a toilet fish tank designed to turn your bathroom into the most-talked-about room of the house. And, as if all that was surprising enough, his name is Todd Brabender.

All of 41 years of age and a former media person himself, Brabender is the kind of PR guy journalists hate to love—but love nevertheless. An old-fashioned press agent with newfangled powers.

“It’s all Todd, generating PR for us,” says David Parrish of AquaOne Technologies Inc., in Orange County, Calif. AquaOne designs leak-control hardware and uses a clear-plastic showroom toilet tank to display it. “We were standing around one day,” Parrish recalls, “and I said, ‘Wouldn’t it be fun if we had fish in it and you flushed it and the fish didn’t go down?'”

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The UNICEF photo of the year award goes to…

Each year, UNICEF, the United National Children’s Emergency Fund, recognises photographers who portray the hardships faced by children around the world. This year’s winner is Stephanie Sinclair.

During her stay in Afghanistan, the American photographer was struck by how many young girls are married to much older men. This is a 40-year-old bridegroom and his 11-year-old child bride during their wedding in Damarda, Afghanistan.

Photograph: courtesy UNICEF via The Daily Telegraph, London