Daily Archives: 31 December 2007

The perfect New Year resolution for all of us

To all the editors, producers, ideators, anchors, writers, reporters, correspondents, columnists, photographers, camerapersons, designers, artists, visualisers, infographists, and assorted backroom boys and girls across the world, Bart Simpson serves up a New year resolution that we can break at our own peril.

Happy New Year.

Illustration: courtesy The Simpsons


Al Jazeera: The 15 top media stories of 2007

Al Jazeera English, the global news channel launched by the Qatar-based Arabic channel, continues to be unavailable in the land of the free, but in the age of Web 2.0 what is beyond anybody’s reach if you want it badly enough? The best of the channel’s critically acclaimed output is there for those who make the effort on YouTube—for free.

This edition of its media review programme, Listening Post, hosted by Richard Gizbert, looks at the 15 top media stories of 2007. The survey conducted with the help of a Canadian company called Influence Communication, does not include online news, tabloid press or gossip magazines. The survey took into account the placement of the news item, the circulation and viewing figures, and how often a story was repeated in the media.