Daily Archives: 14 January 2008

Can the media be as amnestic as its audience?

How much of a memory should the media have? Should it take each day eagerly and feverishly as it comes and rush into judgment regardless of what it reported/opined in the previous day? Should be it be a beacon of balance, proportion, and perspective, even at the risk of alienating its audience?

Santosh Desai, former adman and MD and CEO of Futurebrands, in Tehelka:

Sachin Tendulkar scored a century (in the Sydney cricket Test against Australia) and CNN-IBN asked its viewers if he deserves the Bharat Ratna. Barely three months ago, it was asking if Sachin should retire; Rajdeep Sardesai himself led the charge on that one.

“It is clear that journalists take the role of building monuments and then tearing them down with increasing seriousness. The absence of any tempering memory is striking—it is as if one is responsible for one’s opinions only for the day. Tomorrow, as someone has had occasion to say, is another day.”

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