Daily Archives: 27 March 2008

All in a day’s work for our valiant lensmen

The life of photographers and videographers in India has become hell thanks to the relentless media boom, with dozens of them jostling for space, nudging each other, often coming to blows with each other, all to capture a frame which the reader may not notice, and sometimes not even care.

The problem multiplies manifold when top Indian leaders with their tight security requirements are around.

When police denied access to lensmen at Pompai church in the coastal town of Mangalore, during Congress member of Parliament Rahul Gandhi‘s visit on Wednesday, they went on a flash strike to draw attention to their woes.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News


How many magazines can one man publish?

He is 39 years old. He looks frail, anaemic, infirm. He cycles 50 kilometres a day. He has already edited and published children’s magazines in 50 Indian languages and dialects over the last 18 years. He has earned the label patrika premi (magazine lover).

His mission in life is to publish children’s magazines in 300 languages, and he has even put his ancestral property on the block to finance his dream.

Bijay Kumar Mahapatra of Pakanpur in India’s eastern state of Orissa is an unlikely magazine hero.

“Magazines for children, containing valuable writeups, can be a very effective tool in grooming them…. Many people don’t understand the importance of children’s literature. I am only a small fry,whose whole idea is to promote national integration through different languages.”

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