Daily Archives: 10 April 2008

“Balls to boredom? Balls to gasbags?”

The New Indian Express, the southern wing of the once-mighty, united Indian Express family of Ramnath Goenka, is being revamped and relaunched from Friday, 11 April 2008, with a set of spunky graffiti.

# Balls to boredom, balls to gasbags

# Don’t give me bullshit, I get enough on TV

# Dear Mr Editor, stop ur preaching

# Dear newspaper, grow up. I have

# I hate left-ism, right-ism, extreme-ism and especially brain-deadism

But can attitude alone carry the day in a market teeming with old ladies, middle-aged aunties, and new kids all built on the same premise, same promise?


The tenth life a cat has is on the ratings chart

There’s never a dull moment when “breaking news” meets a “live” update on Indian television. Gautam Roy of Aajtak is the anchor, as India’s premier Hindi news channel, owned by the respected India Today group, chronicles the travails of a cat caught on a parapet for over six and a half hours.

Link courtesy Anupama