Daily Archives: 17 April 2008

‘Buy-sell-save-spend. Live rich. Enjoy.’

The monsoon is still a couple of months away but it’s raining newspapers in southern India.

Last Friday, the new New Indian Express hit the stands. On Monday, The Times of India launched in Madras. And on Wednesday, Financial Chronicle, the business daily from the Deccan Chronicle group, arrived in Hyderabad and Madras.

In photograph is the cover page of the second day’s e-paper (registration required).

Editor Shubhrangshu Roy writes:

“So why are we here? Because the market demands us, in clean and credible white, untainted by agendas, to tell the story of India’s growing prosperity the way it ought to be told. We are here to break free from the clutter and jargon that have become the hallmark of business reporting. We are here to tell you in simple words what business is all about and in the way all of us want to know it. For business, as we understand it, is all about an uncomplicated six-letter word: dhanda or transaction. Which is why our brand of journalism is founded on the bedrock of four simple words—buy-sell-save-spend—imprinted at top left of this page.

“We are here to reflect and build on the aspirations of NewGen India.

“We are here to Live Rich! So, enjoy.”