Daily Archives: 2 June 2008

‘I don’t envy those who have to follow Murdoch’

Best-selling author Jeffrey Archer on Rupert Murdoch on the NDTV show Walk the Talk, hosted by Indian Express editor in chief, Shekhar Gupta:

I know you have your interest in so many things, also in cricket, but also on the fourth estate, the media, for example. What is your view on Murdoch now?

Well, Murdoch. He is one of the most successful media moguls in history, you cannot take that away from him. He now conquers whole countries. And he is a remarkable and I don’t envy those who follow him because he is an old man. I don’t envy those who follow him and keep his empire going because his father was a remarkable man.

In his family.

Yes, in the family.

So that is the question I am coming to: what happens to Murdoch’s empire after Murdoch?

It will be fascinating to see because a giant like that doesn’t come that often.

Because his family is squabbling.

Yes, I read in the press they are, but I don’t know for a fact. You read lot in the press and you wonder if it’s true. I’m loathe to say that I have read it in the press and therefore it is true. That is not the case.

So, do you see Murdoch’s empire growing, surviving, declining post-Murdoch?

I think it is so solid now that it would be strange if it declined. It is a giant.

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