Why journalism is not just another profession

16 August 2008

The cynicism of the public in the media is a global sunrise industry. Fed by politicians, businessmen, sportsmen, celebrities and other newsmakers who feel the wrong end of it, or no longer have any use for it, news consumers can never resist the temptation to run it down.


Video: courtesy Al Jazeera

4 Responses to “Why journalism is not just another profession”

  1. Dark Angel Says:

    Wow! I have new found respect for reporters.

  2. Owen Says:

    Indeed, we must have much to be grateful for fine and courageous journalists. But, like good journalists themselves, we must all develop a strong ability for critical thinking, so that we can cope with the mass of gossip and backbiting, and the sometimes failure of critical thinking that often stands for journalism.

  3. alannaonline Says:

    Im not sure what the point your making is. Are you saying that because these journalists came under fire, this proves the media have more credibility than people allow them?

  4. Charly Says:

    Elitist nut.

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