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Once upon a time, they wrapped fish & pakoras

Devangshu Dutta in Business Standard:

“Unfortunately, even R.K. Laxman’s presence wasn’t enough for me to continue with my daily ritual of passing the paper [The Times of India] onto the raddi-wallah after that one brief moment of homage.

“For a while, I continued to take it because I was rearing kittens—it was absorbent and useful for little misunderstandings during the house-breaking phase.

“Once the cats became civilised, I stepped aside from that value-chain.”

Link courtesy Amit Verma

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When all the cameras were looking the other way

Given the packs of still and video journalists who now hover over even ordinary news events, it is a mad scramble to get good visuals. And if the news is related to global terror then it’s a virtual stampede. If a photographer does manage to find a good frame in the melee, he is at the mercy of deadlines, space, and quixotic editorial priorities.

Nishant Ratnakar, lensman with the soon-to-be-launched edition of DNA in Bangalore, has put together a collection of pictures built around one signal news event last year: the homecoming of Mohammed Haneef, the Mudigere-born doctor who was implicated in a terror attack in Glasgow, including this unpublished picture of Dr Haneef’s wife Firdous Ashriya all dressed up and demure.

For days, Ashriya was a brave and articulate spokesperson, answering queries on Dr Haneef, who had been nabbed by Australian police as he was leaving Brisbane merely because a SIM card belonging to him had been found on one of the bombers. But on the day he was to arrive in Bangalore, all the cameras were suddenly turned the other way. All except one.

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