Daily Archives: 29 December 2008

Happy birthday, Phillip George Knightley


Phillip Knightley, the legendary investigative journalist, is celebrating his 80th birthday in Goa today.

Australia-born Knightley was a special correspondent for The Sunday Times for 20 years (1965-85) under Sir Harold Evans and a leading member of its Insight investigative team, which broke the Kim Philby and thalidomide scandals.

In his memoirs A Hack’s Progress, Knightley throws light on his stint with R.V. Pandit‘s magazine Imprint which he later discovers to his horror was a CIA operation set up to counter the KGB publications being published next door.

But the Bombay tenure started a lifelong love affair with India, fetching him in the end a bride from Bangalore, and a home in Goa.

Happy birthday, and many more.

Visit the website: www.phillipknightley.com