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The chronicle of a newspaper death foretold

27 years ago, San Francisco newspapers were unveiling a unique facility to enable readers to consume their morning poison over a computer.

It took two hours for an entire newspaper’s contents to be downloaded, minus pictures, advertisements and graphics. And five dollars per hour for telephone time, newscasters were saying the demise of the newspaper hawker were greatly exaggerated.

The rest, as they say, is mystery.

Link courtesy Jim Romenesko


Eight trends in Indian magazine publishing

Anurag Batra, chairman and editor-in-chief of exchange4media group, in Magazine World, the journal of The International Federation of the Periodical Press:

01) English language publishing has disproportionate advertising revenues in regard to its readership in comparison to Indian language publications.

02) India is a low cover-price market, and the dominant revenue stream is advertising. The common phrase “Those who live by advertising will die by advertising,” certainly seems true in today’s times.

03) The yields from advertising are low compared to rates in other countreis. The highest circulation English magazine sells a full page at an average of about $9,000 (€7,252).

04) Distribution is a challenge, though there are specialist distribution arms entering the market.

05) Indian language publishing is likely to see the most growth.

06) The Indian magazine industry continues to attract entrepreneurs, both in the digital space and print and publishing.

07) International flagship titles and home-grown brands exist and compete well in the same space.

08) The contract publishing business, in an era where brands wish to be media owners, is very under-leveraged in India.